What is the difference between revision A UbiSwitch and revision B

– Copied from customer query –

What is the difference between the two versions of UbiSwitch?

The only change between revision A and revision B is that revision B is that we changed from STM32L031F6P6 to STM32G071K8U6. No changes to mechanical or functionality (other than the new command line interface).

What we found is that while we were developing the firmware, we were running out of space on the L0, with only 32 KBytes of flash, so we had to upgrade to the G0.

It certainly wasn’t something we anticipated, and it is a bit annoying to have two revisions. But it was essential for us because it allows us to add a featured called “update over UART”. This feature means future upgrades to the firmware can be done over serial. All the UbiSwitches we sell now are revision B, and revision A has been sunset.

We do have a version of the firmware that can run on revision A, but it doesn’t have the “update over UART” feature. We’re trying to avoid giving this firmware out in all cases, because it’s a bit of a development “stub”, and not something we plan to keep updated. In some cases we will release it for the customer on the understanding that it’s more of a prototype firmware, not something suitable for production unlike the publicly available firmware for revision B.