VLAN on Ubiswitch

I recently purchased a ubiswitch and baseboard for a project, and it’s since evolved to the point where I need to be able to assign Vlans on the fly. I don’t mind it being uart commands is there a way I can get a piece of software on the switch that will enable that feature.

We’re working on that as we speak. It will be firmware that runs on the board and allows you configure VLANs over a CLI using the UART port.

Current ETA on this is End of March 2024.

If you have a revision B module, you can flash this firmware yourself. If you have a revision A module, however, it will not work with this firmware because it uses a different microcontroller.

FYI, look for BB-UBS-B-1 printed on the front.

Any update on the ETA for the UbiSwitch firmware?

ETA 1-2 weeks. Lookout for an email and forum announcement from us.

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I am also waiting for the firmware that make it possible to create Vlans and controlling port speed. Problem is that i have A type ubiswitch. As I understand the A board wil not work with this firmware, and it will never do? Need to purchase a new then?

Yes it will never work with revision A modules, only revision B modules will have this capability, so you would need to purchase a revision B module.

Hmm, we also have rev A. What is the blocker for this to work? I wouldn’t mind investing a bit of my own time to port the tool to a different STM, if that’s the only problem. Or is there something else?

The microcontroller on rev A doesn’t have enough RAM, there’s no way around that.

So, it doesn’t have enough RAM for the whole app you’re developing, but technically, a subset of it or a program setting static configuration could be used?

Yes static is possible. But not enough to run Zephyr with the full CLI interface we’ve built. That needs something more beefy.

Do you have an update on ETA on this?

Beta software release is ready, we are writing up documentation this week and aiming for release by Friday. Could be delayed an extra few days until Wednesday next week though. I don’t see it being delayed any more than that.