Does UbiSwitch work with the LAG function yet?

– Copied from customer query –

Do you have any news about the new firmware to support managing the switch (in particular the LAG function)? Is it ready? If so, are there already UbiSwitch boards ready to purchase with the new firmware?

Last week, we released new firmware for the UbiSwitch revision B, you can view our docs here and the official releases page here. Link aggregation is supported, along with VLANs and basic auto-neg configuration. We will be adding other features and boards soon.

A quick note on UbiSwitch rev B: our first few boards won’t support a bootloader (i.e., it won’t be updatable via UART but only via reflashing over the SWD interface). However, all future batches of UbiSwitch will support a bootloader. You can read more about that here and how that may (or may not) affect your application.