UbiSwitch not working with a grandmaster SFP

We are doing some proof of concept testing with the ubiswitch. One item that we are having trouble with is getting it to work with our Oscilloquartz OSA-5401. We see that it powers up correctly, and that internally it seems to be working, we are just unable to ping it and interrogate it like usual.

Thoughts on what the incompatibility may be?

Has there been any development on the management side of the ubiswitch?

I took a look into that device, and it looks like it uses a 1000BASE-X. Out of the box UbiSwitch supports only 10GBASE-R on the SFPs by default. You can change this for ports 9 and 10 by cutting a jumper on the board. Details are in the forum post below.


The management CLI has now been released and can be uploaded on revision B of UbiSwitch. I have a feeling you have a revision A, which won’t run the CLI. You can check by looking at the part number underneath the heatsink. At present, the CLI doesn’t support changing the SFP type, but we will add that feature soon.

Once you have followed the steps in the forum post, please let me know your results,