What is the difference between BB-GGR-C-1 and BB-GGR-C-2?

– Copied from customer email –

We see that the revision has changed to BB-GGR-C-2. What are the technical differences between those two revisions? Has anything in the size/shape or interface changed?

Please see below the changes between BB-GGR-C-1 and BB-GGR-C-2.

  1. Change U3 part number from TPS54260QDRCTQ1 to TPS54260QDGQRQ1
  2. Change footprint from VSON10 to HVSSOP10
  3. Populate R82- 0 ohm to set NCV6324 PFM mode as default

These changes were done due to a shortage of one of the power regulator chips on the board. It has no effect on the functionality, performance, dimensions or interfaces. We will never make a drastic change to any board in our BotBlox Supply Guarantee Program, which includes GigaBlox Rugged.