Gigastax Rugged compatibility with new GUI

Copied from a customer email

I’m curious if our Botblox hardware is compatible with your new GUI. I’m sure you remember some of the issues we have with ethernet switches here, and I’m wondering if we can use your new tool to alleviate some of our data transfer issues. We run the rugged version, some 4 port, some 5.

At present, only SwitchBlox Industrial is compatible with our ARIES GUI software.

We are developing a new suite of software to achieve full professional switch management, but this is aimed at UbiSwitch. The software will take the form of a CLI and GUI (either can be used) for sending commands to UbiSwitch, along with an open API to allow developers to incorporate switch management functions into their software. We’re currently aiming to release this by Q1 2024.

Unfortunately, this software won’t cover GigaBlox Rugged or GigaStax Rugged. GigaBlox Rugged is unfortunately not management at all, whereas GigaStax Rugged runs firmware that we can customise.