Is there a board mount version of SwitchBlox Rugged?

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Is there a board mount version of SwitchBlox Rugged (BB-SWR-F-1)?

Yep. Check the webpage.

The board uses M50-3530442. Your mating board will need M52-5010445.

STEP file here.

Pinout diagram below.

More info in the forum post below.

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I recently purchased a SwitchBlox Industrial 10/100M Ethernet Hub with female connectors, and I want to connect the device to an electronic PCB that has a female connectors too.

According to this post it appears that you can provide a SwitchBlox with male connectors instead of female.

If this information is correct, could you please send the drawings and STEP files for this version so I can ensure it will fit with our PCB?

We offer a board mount version for BB-SWN-E-1 (SwitchBlox Nano)

And also for SwitchBlox Rugged.

We don’t offer a board mount version for SwitchBlox Industrial, though it’s pretty easy to modify the board to replace the female headers with harwin 1.25mm male pins. This is something you can do for prototyping, (part number M50-3530442). It’s also something we can typically do at no extra cost, but MoQ starts at 50 pieces as it’s a new batch we have to put into manufacture.

Is there an option with 5 ports instead of 3 with Harwin?

Unfortunately no, not off the shelf. However any of our boards are available with the harwin connectors assembled instead, but the MoQ is 50 pieces.

You could use GigaBlox Nano instead. It’s a board mount form factor, but it’s 4 gigabit ports. You can run them as 10/100M ports if you just connect the A and B pairs. A guide on how to do that with a 10/100M device can be found here.

FYI, for the SwitchBlox Nano (three port), the footprint can be directly downloaded from SnapEDA here.