Is there a board mount version of GigaBlox?

- Copied from a customer query -

Do you sell a Harwin wariant for the GigaBlox as well, which can be plugged into the PCB directly?

In general, we would suggest customers to use GigaBlox Nano if they need a board mountable gigabit switch.

It is a common ask if GigaBlox can be board mounted. Usually this is because GigaBlox has five ports, and those ports already have transformers present.

Nearly all of our boards use connector footprints that allow either Molex Picoblade 1.25mm (cable mating) or Harwin 1.27mm vertical pin headers. This means that all of our boards can be converted to board mount simply by changing the connector.

On GigaBlox

Harwin M50-3530842 can be used for the ports and M50-3530442 for the power.

On the mating board
Use the female part, Harwin M52-5010845 for the ports and the M52-5010445 for power.

The total height of the male and female assembled connectors would be 9.51mm, which exceeds the 7.3mm height of the transformer. This means it could be stacked onto the mating board, as long as there was no component higher than 2.21mm underneath the transformer. Below is an image.

In terms of a footprint for this component, we don’t have one yet, so just use the DXF for the standard version (here).

3D Model is in the link below.

In terms of ordering this component, it’s not something we stock yet (though I expect we’ll start stocking it soon).

That means it’s either an MoQ job (usually around 20 pcs), or you’ll need to replace the connectors yourself.