Where is the datasheet for SwitchBlox Nano Harwin Variant?

– Copied from a customer query –

Where can I find the correct data sheet for the module in the picture?


Is there also a module with 3 ports and Gigabit with Harwin Connector variant?

At present, we don’t have a seperate datasheet for the SwitchBlox Nano, Harwin variant.

The only difference between this board and the standard SwitchBlox Nano is different connectors, so we have not made a new datasheet. The datasheet for the standard variant can be found here.

Useful links for the Harwin variant are below:


BB-SWN-C-1-HWZ (SwitchBlox Nano Harwin Variant) DXF Footprint Profile

Connectors used on BB-SWN-C-1-HWZ: M50-3530442

Associated mating connector options
Through hole mating connector: M50-3030442
Surface mount 3.6mm mating connector: M50-3140445
Surface mount 2.1mm mating connector: M50-3130445

Regarding your question about a gigabit version with Harwin connectors, the closest thing is GigaBlox Nano, which is a four port gigabit ethernet switch module, with all signals on a board mountable Samtec header.

Making a gigabit version with Harwin nanos would make the board unnecessarily large, because each gigabit port needs 8 pins. This is why we opted for a higher density connector on GigaBlox Nano, that’s how we keep the size so small.

Do bear in mind that there are no transformers on GigaBlox Nano however, so you’ll need to add them in your baseboard if you need them. Reference baseboard designs can be found here, and we also offer a free design review service on any baseboards for this part.