UbiSwitch LED matrix

Can you give more details about the link/signal LEDs for the SFP ports ?
As the schematic is not very clear in this.

For the SFP ports on UbiSwitch are ports 0, ports 10 and ports 9, so we’re looking at five signals…

LED_SEL is 1. Seperate Speed LED.

For the anodes…
EE_CLK_C0_LED_P1_LED0_FLOW… (let’s shorten that to) C0_LED
EE_DOUT_C1_LED_P6_LED0… (let’s shorten that to) C1_LED
C2_LED_P7_LED0… (let’s shorten that to) C2_LED
C3_LED_P8_LED0… (let’s shorten that to) C3_LED

and a shared cathode
R4_LED_P5_LED0… (let’s shorten that to) R4_LED

Now, on UbiSwitch to reduce pin count, these signals are multiplexed into a row and column arrangement.

In the case of the standard 1Gb ports, (ports 1 to 8), each port as two LEDs associated with it, LED0 and LED1.

The table below illustrates how the Row and Column signals associate with each LED signal.

R0_LED Port 1, LED 0 Port 1, LED 1 Port 2, LED 0 Port 2, LED 1
R1_LED Port 3, LED 0 Port 3, LED 1 Port 4, LED 0 Port 4, LED 1
R2_LED Port 5, LED 0 Port 5, LED 1 Port 6, LED 0 Port 6, LED 1
R3_LED Port 7, LED 0 Port 7, LED 1 Port 8, LED 0 Port 8, LED 1
R4_LED Port 9, LED 0 Port 9, LED 1 Port 10, LED 0 Port 10, LED 1

Ports 1-8 are simple…

LED 0 Off = No Link
On = 1000BASE-T Link
Blink = 1000BASE-T activity
LED 1 Off = No Link
On = 10/100 link
Blink = 10/100 activity

Ports 0, 9 and 10 only have a single LED to show activity, and are a bit confusing.

Port 9, LED 0 shows Port 0 Link/Activity (C0_LED with R4_LED)
Port 9, LED 1 shows Port 10 Link/Activity (C1_LED with R4_LED)
Port 10, LED 0 shows PTP Activity (C2_LED with R4_LED) (Unless you’re doing PTP, you won’t use this)
Port 10, LED 1 shows Port 9 Link Activity (C3_LED with R4_LED)

Which means that, for the SFP ports, you should use…

An LED between C0_LED and R4_LED for Port 0 Link/Activity
An LED between C1_LED and R4_LED for Port 10 Link/Activity
An LED between C3_LED and R4_LED for Port 9 Link/Activity


I have no idea why the designers of the chip made this LED matrix so needlessly complicated, but if you follow the three rules above you should be good to go.

Replying to this post, based on recent findings in this forum post, it would appear that there is a mistake here.

Please follow the rules below instead.

An LED between C0_LED and R4_LED for Port 9 Link/Activity
An LED between C2_LED and R4_LED for Port 10 Link/Activity
An LED between C3_LED and R4_LED for Port 0 Link/Activity