QoS on SwitchBlox Industrial with ARIES software

Copied from a customer email

The datasheet for the Industrial mentions QoS but I don’t see any reference to it on the ARIES site. For my application, I have two network devices and I need to assign priority to one of them. Does ARIES support configuring this?

You are correct that ARIES does not really make any mention to QoS. When we were developing the ARIES software, we planned to make a nice GUI section for all functionalities available on SwitchBlox Industrial, however we did not have time to implement everything.

Thus, while QoS is possible on SwitchBlox Industrial, to implement it means figuring out the exact registers you need to write to on the chip used on the board (IP175GHI), and then using the Raw Reg Access to set those registers. This isn’t the most ideal situation of course, and in future releases of ARIES we do plan to implement this.

Anyway, we have to look to the datasheet of the IP175GHI to answer this question…

The chip supports…

  • Two Priority queues per port
  • Support 802.1p & DiffServ based QoS
  • QoS
  • Port base
  • 802.1p
  • IP DiffServ IPV4/IPV6
  • TCP/UDP port number
  • Pins configure ports priority (VIP port)

Note that the datasheet refers to QoS (Quality of Service) as CoS (Class of Service) sometimes. Both appear to be the same thing.

Anyway, to achieve what you need, I believe the easiest way would be to simply use a port-based QoS. That way, you can assign a specific port to have priority over the others. Page 54 of the datasheet shows the internal registers that need to be configured for this.

So, now it’s a case of using the raw reg access feature on ARIES to write the specific register values we need to get this working. See this link for info on the Raw Reg Access on ARIES.

As an example, let’s say we set port 0 to be the high priority port…
From the datasheet…

PHY = 21 (decimal)
REG to Write = 2 (decimal)
Data = 1536 (decimal) *00000110_00000000 (binary)*

The above sets bits 9 and 10 in PHY 21, reg 2 to 1, which should enable CoS for port 0.

Note that we haven’t actually tested this yet, so please feel free to post your results here.

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