Can I use BotBlox ARIES software on SwitchBlox Nano

– Rephrased from a customer query –

I’m using the switchblox-nano with mcu STM32L011F4U6.

Could you send me the firmware to config and monitor the switch by ARIES

Only SwitchBlox Industrial is compatible with the BotBlox ARIES software. This is made clear on the software documentation page here and in the blog post here.

SwitchBlox Nano does, however, have a microcontroller on it, and firmware can be run on it. It’s not something we widely publicised or released, but we do have some customers using it such as @peci1 .

To use it, you’ll need to flash the firmware onto the board yourself, then install our CLI. Links to both are below.

Our support won’t be as comprehensive as the support we provide on ARIES, but feel free to post your issues here and we will help.