Managed Switchblox nano?

I have an application where I need to keep two peripherals on separately configured vlans - so only 3 ports.

I have this configuration working on an industrial - however it would be ideal to switch to the much cheaper and slightly smaller nano as this is meant for an instrument to be manufactured at small scale.

I’ve gotten a little lost in the documentation and timeline of various recommended approaches.

What would be the current best practice for loading a non-volatile managed configuration onto a switchblox nano? Understanding how I can take the configuration I have setup on the industrial and apply it to the nano would be great.

Perhaps more importantly - is this a recommended / supported approach given what I understand to be your focus on other board form factors for managed networks? How long could I expect this approach to be viable before a hardware change or no longer selling this form factor would necessitate a change?



We did used to run management software on SwitchBlox Nano, but we migrated all those features to SwitchBlox Industrial.

We did retain the microcontroller on SwitchBlox Nano and I know that @peci1 uses custom firmware on SwitchBlox Nano like this.

It’s typically not something we usually support but if your order volumes justify it, we can look into helping you create a fixed VLAN configuration.

Feel free to PM or email me ( with your expected volumes so we can discuss further.

Yes, we’re using it with success.

The tools to try it out are available online:

Firmware for Nano: GitHub - botblox/switchblox-nano-firmware

Management CLI: GitHub - botblox/botblox-manager-software: Universal Command Line Interface for programming managed BotBlox offerings

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