Cannot connect to SwitchBlox Industrial using ARIES

– Copied from a customer email –

I managed to connect to the Switchbox Industrial using the Brainbox and the DFR0845. However, when I write any changes to a port and then read them back nothing changes. When I also read the Botblox Device, the Chip ID, Board Type and Firmware Revision do not populate?

Reading the datasheet, it mentions “Running SwitchBlox Industrial in a managed switch application requires configuring the IP175GHI onboard over SMI” Is this the case?

The fact that the Chip ID does not populate implies that your computer doesn’t have a serial connection correctly setup.

Have you been through the troubleshooting steps in the link below, specifically point 6.2?

We need to make sure your computer sees a COM port first, and you select that same COM port in the ARIES software.