SwitchBlox Industrial PoE

We want to use the SwitchBlox Industrial with PoE.
I read in the manual that if you feed in 48V, the ports work according to 802.3af. One distributor (Coolcompnents) says “Passive PoE”. What is right? Do the ports work as active PoE at 48V input voltage?
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I think terminology might be a bit mixed up on our end. For the sake of clarification, it is passive PoE. It doesn’t do any power negotiation, it just injects the voltage directly onto the lines.

we looking for a standard 5port PoE switch which is working according to 802.3af or at. But without RJ45 ports as a pcb like SwitchBlox Industrial… Could you provide what will fit to our needs?

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We have a 4 port that will be released in around 2 weeks, see below.

We don’t have a 5 port yet, can you live with just 4 POE ports or do you absolutely need the 5th port to be PoE?