Make port behave as 100Mbit port on BloxOsLite

By using your latest v0.1.2 release we are now able to configure VLAN with the 64Kb MCU version UbiSwitch.

We do however still have problems with our PORT setup where our aim is to make port 6 behave like a standard 100Mbit switch:

port 6 autoneg off speed 100 duplex full

Please verify this is the correct setup.

Best, Tore

Hi Tore,

Thanks for posting. Indeed, that setup is correct for port 6 to behave as a fixed 100Mbit port, it’s surprising because we had this working on the previous firmware fix and BloxOsLite isn’t doing any different in that regard. I’m still testing this and will post here when I have an update.

Also, I saw your email about saving port configurations. This is a feature I have previously been working on (to make it equivalent to the other commands like VLAN and LAG) but isn’t yet ready to be part of a release.

(I hope you don’t mind me moving this comment to a new topic - I think it will help other forum members see the discussion on BloxOsLite more clearly).

Thank you,


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