How do I force 100Base-t mode on UbiSwitch?

– Copied from customer email –

I am a user of your UbiSwitch Module 3 network switch. One of the devices I have connected to this switch must have the switch port forced to be 100Base-T or it does not work (its auto-negotiation feature does not work). I heard through a colleague that you guys are working on implementing a software interface to allow this functionality. How far away from completion of this are you? Is it possible you could provide us with a script that would just set a particular port to be forced 100Base-T (e.g. GUI not needed if that is all you have left to complete).

Once we have our CLI working, doing this will be trivial; essentially just connect up to the UART port, open a shell, and send some sanely structured command (it will probably be something like…

set port0 autoneg off
set port0 mode 100M

@aaron would know better on the specific interface as he’s the author.

The eta on that is around February 2024. If you needed something sooner, we could probably get a script to you in under a week, but there might be some NRE cost for that.