Does any of your hardware support IGMP Snooping

– Copied from customer email –

I was wondering if any of you Ethernet switches support IGMP snooping?

Yes, we developed a specific solution to provide IGMP multicast functionality. It takes the form of an stack-on board to SwitchBlox Rugged. The stack-on board is called Rugged SOM. The stack-on board houses an IMX6 that runs a linux OS and IGMP daemon software of our own making.

The software configures the switch on SwitchBlox Rugged to forward any IGMP requests to Rugged SOM. Rugged SOM then implements IGMP leave/join requests by configuring the switch in real time.

This was developed to solve the issue of multiple camera streams on the same network. It’s still a bit of a new product that hasn’t reached maturity. We are also working on a smaller and cheaper solution that just be a single board, but that won’t be ready until next year.