Can we run STP on BloxOSLite on UbiSwitch?

We have looked into a network problem we have, and we try to find out what we need and what capabilities your system can provide. One question that pops up is that support for Spanning Tree would be useful to secure the setup. The BloxOsLite does not seem to support this, is it planned to implement it some time in the future?

STP would require an upgrade to the hardware on UbiSwitch, so it is currently not possible.

Going deeper, achieving STP requires a processor that is “in-band” to the ethernet network itself. In other words, the processor has to have access ot the data and management plane to achieve STP. On UbiSwitch, the processor only has access to the management plane.

We do have another product that is capable of achieving STP, however we have not yet developed the software for it. This is Rugged SOM + SwitchBlox Rugged. SwitchBlox Rugged is a 5 port, 10/100M switch, while Rugged SOM is an embedded linux processor board. When the two boards are stacked together, Rugged SOM has access to the management and data planes on SwitchBlox Rugged, thus allowing more complex networking features. Currently, the software we have developed for this only allows for IGMP multicast, however STP is also possible. It’s just not available off the shelf yet.