Rugged som with port usb

On the Rugged SOM card I want to connect to the USB port to pass the data to the SwitchBlox Rugged card
The SwitchBlox Rugged card will have two boxes connected via Ethernet
I put your UART program.
Can you confirm if this will work and what needs to be done in terms of configuration?

At the moment, the RuggedSOM isn’t configured to work in USB device mode, which is the mode you’ll presumably need in order to transfer data to it. This is something that I’m working on implementing.

However, in terms of using it as a management switch, you should have all the functionality you need already in terms of management switch features. In this case, I have examples on the docs that you can follow to setup an Ethernet bridge and for doing IGMP multicasting. You can check out the guides here. Note that given the distro uses the Linux kernel, standard Linux system networking semantics apply and hence you can configure network interfaces as you would on Linux.

Do you know when the USB port will be able to work to pass it on?
The USB port to configure Ethernet, do you have to put 5V and ground?
For the moment on the USB port, I only put data + and data- and it does not work. the computer does not see the USB port

Unfortunately, I don’t have a timeline on USB device mode (OTG) I can give you yet but I’ll discuss it with @josh-elijah on when we can expect this, and many other features we’re working on, to be ready. In the meantime, you can store network configurations using systemd service files. I can add that to this post + docs if that would be useful to you.

Definitely, the breakout board should use the USB_ID, 5V, GND and D+/D- pins with the USB_ID pulled high as previously mentioned and the other pins connected to their counterparts on the USB peripheral on the RuggedSOM

For the USB port I need to do tests with customers week 14 and 15. Would it be possible to have this part functional.
When I ordered the card from you at the end of December I asked to use the card with the USB port and the Ethernet card.

For the USB_ID pulled high part I don’t see what to do, can you give me a wiring diagram please?

I believe @josh-elijah mentioned this prior - as I say, it is on the roadmap of features on the RuggedSOM along with many other features/bugs that I’m working on concurrently.

No problem! You can use the 4-pin pico cables provided to access the various pins on USB and UART lines.

Jan, I don’t believe we ever specified USB access to the ethernet data as part of our initial release package (if that is what you’re asking for).

In any case, I’ve emailed you to ask if you’re able to share a bit more regarding potential order volumes. With that information we can make a business case to justify whether we can prioritise this feature for you. Let me know if you can share such information.