How do I flash BotBlox boards with firmware?

Flashing Boards with ST-Link V2

Hardware requirements

  1. A compatible BotBlox board (not all our boards can accept firmware)
  2. ST-Link V2
  3. Segger 6 pin pogo pin cable
  4. Segger pin retaining rubber (optional)
  5. Female to male jumper (dupont) cables
  6. A PC with STM32 ST-Link Utility installed


  1. Connect the ST Link V2 to the pogo pin 6 pin header. The photo below shows the pins to connect to on the pogo pin header. The corresponding pins on the ST-Link V2 are labelled on the device. Use any jumper cables less than 300mm.

    Different ST-Links may have different pinouts. Please check the pinout written on your device rather than following this image.

  2. Connect the ST-LINK V2 to computer

  3. Connect the 6 pin segger to the board and power on the board.

  4. Open up STM32 ST-LINK Utility

  5. Go to Target > Settings…

  6. Open settings and ensure the settings are as below. You will see an error if the computer cannot find the ST-Link V2. This can be because the drivers for the ST-Link V2 are not installed. Open Windows Device Manager and check this.

  7. Click ok, if you see the message below, it means the target (board) is not connected properly, or there is no power.

    You should see the following message if successful.
    Untitled (5)

  8. Open the .hex file we provided.

  9. Go to Target > Program and Verify…

  10. Select the settings below and click start.

  11. If successful, the message below will be displayed.
    Untitled (8)

  12. For faster programming, select automatic mode