Does GigaBlox SFP work with CWDM?

Does GigaBlox SFP work with CWDM? We’ve seen some devices with SFP cages that don’t work with CWDM, and some manufacturers have two versions of the same product, one that works with CWDM and one that doesn’t.

I’ve done some quick research on this. Ultimately, I am trying to ascertain whether CWDM SFP modules use a different backplane technology to standard SFP modules (1000BASE-X)

Because if so, this would imply they will not work with GigaBlox SFP (which uses 1000BASE-X). It’s also contrary to my current understanding on SFP modules (which use a ubiquitous backplane standard that is either 1000BASE-X, 10GBASE-R or USXGMII).

On the FS page, it shows CWDM SFP modules as compatible with normal Cisco switches.

Therefore I conclude that GigaBlox SFP will work with CWDM modules. However we really need to test this before we can be sure.