Can I use 1000BASE-T1 (SPEBlox) with 150m coax

– Copied from customer email –

I have a project to convert an analog pipe inspection camera to digital and I’m interested in your products, specifically the single pair ethernet device BB-SPE-F-1.

The communication channel I would like to use is an existing 75 Ω coaxial cable which was previously used for analog video transmission. The present configuration is 150 meters. I’m considering using a balun (maybe I don’t even need one) with your single pair ethernet device to realize a high bandwidth ethernet communications scheme that can use a GigE vision camera with a resolution of 2MP or 5MP (60 – 120 Mbps, utilizing MJPEG compression). No power will be utilized on the communication channel, I have a power conductor set in the tether to the surface.

I recognize the bandwidth will fall off quickly with distance. Does this seem like something that has a chance of working in your opinion or am I expecting too much?

150 meters is beyond what single pair ethernet can achieve right now. The practical maximum is around 20-30 meters. In addition, the signal encoding scheme is designed for unshielded twisted pair; coax would be a different ball game entirely and would probably not work well with SPE.

In short, the distance you need, and the type of cable means 1000BASE-T1 will most likely not work for you.