Can I achieve 200m and speed up to 100MBit/s with your SPE hardware?

– Rephrased from a customer email –

I am interested in long distance single pair ethernet modules. Distance should be not less than 200 m. and speed up to 100MBit/s. There is only one master-slave pair. PoE - is not important.

The main issue - it should be compact. At the moment I am using the product from C4Line (please see attached), but my projects require a more compact solution.

200 meters at 100Mbit/s is outside of what we can currently achieve with our single pair ethernet hardware. SPEBlox is a 1Gbps module but can only achieve around 30 meters. SPEBlox long is a 10Mbps module that can achieve up to 1.6km.

Achieving 100Mbit/s at 200 meters isn’t really possible with single pair ethernet technology at the moment. SPE is a rather simpler encoding scheme compared with MIMO technologies (like VDSL,, etc). The tradeoff is that SPE is simpler, cheaper and lower power, but can’t achieve the same kind of range. There’s a good explanation of this in this forum post.

The closest to what you need would be a device using 100BASE-T1, which is typically only going to have a range of around 50-100 meters.

We did, at one point, consider spinning out a series of compact hardware, which would have achieved the kind of range you need, but to be honest, there are other decent solutions on the market so I don’t believe we would be able to add good value to the offering.