SPEBlox-Long (10BASE-T1L) - 10Mbps, 1km range, single pair ethernet wiring

Can this device be used on wiring other than standard CAT5/6. Larger gauge twisted pair used for RS232/RS485 for example or even power wires over a very short distance of approximately 25 feet?

The same question applies to the 1000BASE device.

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On SPEBlox Long (10BASE-T1L), it can achieve 1000 meters on CAT5/6 cabling.

Using larger gauge wire will reduce the overall range, but it’s not hugely sensitive to it. Certainly if you only need 25 feet, you could get away with using very poorly matched, large gauge wire, without issue. As a comparison point, we have a customer using 22AWG twisted pair wire with SPEBlox Long, and they can achieve 600 meters (2000 feet) on SPEBlox Long.

For SPEBlox (1000BASE-T1), you have less flexibility. The maximum range is 22 meters with CAT5/6, so you need to be more careful. Realistically, for 25 feet, anything from 20AWG to 30AWG is going to work just fine.

If I want to run at 100Base input/output can I use the GigaBlox Nano between a SwitchBlox Industrial and the SPEBlox and vice versa at the other end? I see the Gigabox Nano comes with 8 wire cables, will these need to be modified to work with the 4 wire SwitchBlox connections?

If I understand correctly, you’re asking if you can connect a GigaBlox Nano between a SwitchBlox Industrial and an SPEBlox.

The answer is yes, you can. You would need a 4 way picoblade to picoblade cable. One side connects to a SwitchBlox Industrial port, and the other side connects to a GigaBlox Nano PicoConn.

The GigaBlox Nano PicoConn has 8 way connectors, but you can simply plug the four-way connector into the right-hand side of the 8 way connector. GigaBlox Nano will then autonegotiate that connection to a 10/100M speed. More in this can be found in the datasheet for GigaBlox, page 9.

Essentially, GigaBlox Nano handles the connection of data between SPEBlox and SwitchBlox Industrial.

Do bear in mind that the SPEBlox will still run at 1G, and thus you may see a bottleneck in terms of the data you actually receive on SwitchBlox Industrial, since it is 100Mbps max.

Let me know if that answered your question.

Btw, we don’t actively sell those cables on our website, but we keep a tonne of them in stock.

Get in touch with our sales and they’ll happily throw in a few with your order if you need them.