Camera with RTSP not working on SwitchBlox Rugged

– Copied from customer email –

Hello, i have a problem with the switchblox rugged BB-SWR-G-1 , i connect a digital camera in rtsp and i cannot see any video, it seems that i cannot have a video streamming. I dont know if i can make any configuration without changing de firmware

Can you share a little more about your network topology? SwitchBlox Rugged by itself doesn’t support RSTP without firmware modification, so if streaming relies on RSTP support in the switch, then it is not a surprise that your streaming fails.

I think you might need to agree on whether it is RSTP (Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol) or RTSP (Real-Time Streaming Protocol).

@peci1 Thank you, I totally misread that.

Ok so RTSP is just using TCP/IP so it should work on SwitchBlox Rugged.

Can you confirm if you see a link light or not on port corresponding to the one connected to your camera? Let’s first debug to see if this is a physical layer issue.

Hello Josh, I was talking about RTSP. Do you know what firmware modification i requiered?
Sorry for the late response.

RTSP shouldn’t require any firmware modification. It’s a higher level protocol and should work without issue on SwitchBlox Rugged.

First can you tell me if you see a link light on the port connected to your camera?

Yes, the link light is on, but I dont have any video or any ping response. The only way it works is; if i put another ethernet switch from another brand in cascade to have comunnication and video.

Is the other ethernet switch a gigabit switch? Also, are you able to use wireshark on the receiving device to see if you receive any RTSP packets at all, or are they all blocked on SwitchBlox Rugged?

Yes the other switch is a gigabit switch. We run some test with the wireshark and we dont have any data of the camera.

Ok, there is a possibility that the issue is being caused by the lack of gigabit connectivity on SwitchBlox Rugged, but I’m not totally sure of that.

Do you happen to have an off-the-shelf 10/100M switch you can test with? Or do you have a BotBlox gigabit switch on hand?

Also, looping in @aaron so he can inspect this more thoroughly.

We used the mercusys switch MS105 (10/100M) and the camera works. And with your botblox doesn’t work.

Hi there,

I’ve just got around to testing RTSP streams and I did manage to get RTSP streaming working. I have a sample test, which we can both use for debugging.

In my setup, I have 2 Linux hosts connected to ports 1 and 5 respectively on the SwitchBloxRugged rev G. The idea is that host 1 will run an RTSP server and use ffmpeg to publish a stream to that server. Host 2 will then read from that server.

I’ll make use of this open-source media server and will run this server inside a docker container:

Host 1

docker run --rm -it --network=host bluenviron/mediamtx:latest
ffmpeg -re -stream_loop -1 -i input.mp4 -c copy -f rtsp rtsp://localhost:8554/mystream

Host 2

ffmpeg -i rtsp://<host1_ethernet_interface_ipaddress>:8554/mystream -c copy output.mp4

You can confirm there is streaming traffic between the two hosts that way. Is it possible for you to replicate this test? If you’re successful with this test, then the issue is not RTSP on SWR but something else.

Regarding ping not working between two hosts connected through SwitchBloxRugged, this could potentially be due to many possible things - does your network interface statically allocate an IP address to its ethernet interface when it detects a link (i.e. when plugged into the SwitchBloxRugged)? You mentioned seeing the link light which would imply that a link is formed. Do you have any information on the specific setup that you have?