When will DroneNet be available?

– Copied from customer email –

Hi, im looking to connect my ardupilot Flight Controller via PPP to ethernet and onto Wifi. The DroneNet product looks the part. Is it shipping/available. What does it come with - cables/terminators. My Zeolot H7 FC is PPP for ethernet - will this work?

On PPP compatibility with H7 FC, @Andrew_Tridgell will likely be able to answer this. He’s with the Ardupilot project and is one of the developers on the actual firmware/software. Our head of software @aaron, can also chime in on that.

Is it shipping/available.

We get this question a lot. ETA depends on when the ardupilot firmware is done, and board bringup is complete. Probably around late July.

What does it come with - cables/terminators.

We get this question a lot too. It will probably come with the required cables for the ethernet ports (JST to RJ-45) and power (JST to tinned leads).

Currently we are debugging a hardware issue on DroneNet that is causing bootup to not work in some cases. ETA for release is estimated for end of July.