What is the maximum bit rate on the ubiswitch?

– Copied from customer email –

What is the maximum bit rate on the ubiswitch?

How I answer your question somewhat depends on what level of “bit rate” you mean. For example, do you mean the physical bit speed on the wire? If so then that’s just the speed of the port (1Gbps for ports 1-8 and 10Gbps for ports 0, 9 and 10).

Or do you mean the actual observed data rate between two link partners on a port? If so that will be slightly less than the physical bit speed depending on whether you are using UDP or TCP (usually around 94% of the physical speed).

Or are you asking how much data UbiSwitch can process from all ports at the same time? If so, the answer is that it can handle all ports sending at their maximum physical speed at the same time, which would be 38Gbps aggregate through the switch silicon.

Not sure if that answers your question?