VLAN awareness on SPEBlox

I am currently using the SPE Blox to interface with a single pair ethernet Lidar unit to a 4 pair gig ethernet connection on my single board computer. I was wondering if the SPE blox board is already configured for auto negotiation with the gig port on my computer? Also, I was hoping to be able to view the other configuration parameters as our Lidar currently is running a VLAN and we are having difficulties connecting with it. Please let me know if you could provide us with other options that we can test.

SPEBlox will automatically perform auto negotiation to achieve 1Gbps with the gig port on your computer.

SPEBlox is a transparent ethernet bridge that exists a layer below configurations like VLAN. Essentially, SPEBlox is “invisible” to the network protocols above and will have no effect or knowledge on any VLANs.

To debug VLAN issues you need something that is familiar with Layer 2 of the OSI model, like a switch, or the ethernet port on your PC. SPEBlox has no VLAN awareness.