Do the UbiSwitch signals follow T568 wiring standards?

– Copied from customer email –

For the UbiSwitch Baseboard, is there a reason that the picoblade connectors used are pinned out in such a way that they do not correspond to T568 wiring standards?

For example pins 1 and 2 are considered the ‘D’ pair but they land in your ‘A’ pairs on the UbiConn Daughter Card.

This caused me a little bit of confusion when implementing your magnetics design, so I would appreciate any insight you could offer!

They don’t swap. What is “D” pair on UbiSwitch is “D” pair on UbiSwitch baseboard, which then (through magnetics) is “D” pair on the RJ45 cable.

UbiSwitch pin mapping on stacking connector

UbiSwitch Baseboard pin mapping on stacking connector

Can you help me understand where you see it has swapped?