Can GigaBlox Nano tolerate incorrect polarity on a baseboard design

– Copied from customer email –

I m using the GigaBlox Nano in a new design. I have three ports - 2 use magnetics and one is PHY direct to the Nano port (port 1 in my application)

I mistakenly swapped the Port0 Tx+ ad Tx- on my schematic and my protoboards arrived with this error.
That port will not connect. Before I dove into debugging I wanted to check with you on whether the switch can handle that condition (vs Tx and Rx revesed which should be no problem.

To clarify, in 1000BASE-T, there are no Tx and Rx signals. The pairs are labelled A, B, C and D. GigaBlox Nano will correct any polarity errors automatically.

If you are using the ports in 100BASE-T (by only connecting 2 pairs Rx and Tx), then GigaBlox Nano will also adapt for any polarity errors.