100Mbit connection not working with GigaBlox Nano

- Copied from a customer email -

I am an engineering developing a product using your GigaBlox Nano switch. I have been unable to get a 100Mbit connection to the switch working. 1G seems to work perfectly when connecting with 4 pairs but as soon as I swap to 2 pair ethernet the port LED becomes solid red. I am able to transfer up to the expected rates but the connection seems to become less stable when subjected to noise. I am only using the switch’s internal capacitive coupling with a standard transformer setup on the other end. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The fact that you are able to get a connection (at least sometimes), confirms that your pinout is correct.

Therefore this is more likely to be a signal integrity issue. To debug that, I’ll need you to provide more information on the connections in your system, including cable lengths, cable types etc. A diagram would be very helpful.

Please provide that information here or send it to info@botblox.org if it is sensitive.

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