SPEBlox 1000BASE-T1 master vs slave

- Copied from a customer email -

Does the latest SPEBlox device require a jumper for setting master/slave or is this auto negotiated?

You have to set it manually using the solder jumper on the back.

- Copied from customer email -

One more question for you, appreciate the quick response. Could you share the switching frequency of the regulator you use on your board? Just trying to get an idea where any noise may live.

Below is a list of the frequencies currently existent on the board:

3.3V DCDC Switching Regulator: 400KHz
1.0V DCDC Switching Regulator: 2.2MHz
1000BASE-T PHY clock frequency: 25MHz
1000BASE-T1 PHY clock frequency: 25MHz
1000BASE-T Ethernet Fundamental Frequency: 125MHz
1000BASE-T1 Ethernet Fundamental Frequency: 600MHz