How to I connect two GigaBlox Units together

I’m working with the Gigablox currently. Do you have the firmware available which provides communication between the stack? Otherwise, what is the alternative? Connect the boards together via the ethernet ports on PicoClasp connectors?

You would just connect a port on each GigaBlox together using a Molex PicoBlade to PicoBlade cable (we sell those, or can include some for free on your next order).

You don’t need any firmware to make that work.

Make sure to use different numbered ports on each GigaBlox. As described in the datasheet, there is a bug on GigaBlox that means using the same port on two boards, and powering them on the at the same time, can result in those two ports not completing autonegotiation and linking up. The same applies on GigaBlox Nano.