Do I need a heatsink on the SFPs on UbiSwitch

– Rephrased from a customer email –

Do I need to put heatsinking on the SFPs on UbiSwitch?

It depends on the SFPs you’re using, and whether you’re using all three cages at the same time.

In the worst case, let’s say you are using 3 x 10G Copper SFPs (these tend to consume the most power). In this case, you are likely going to need either some heatsinking on the SFP cages, or some air flow.

Below is a thermal image of running 10Gbps on all three SFPs simultaneously after 15 minutes.


97.3°C is pretty toasty. You probably need some airflow or to mount some heatsinking.

The SFP cage on UbiSwitch isn’t soldered in, so it might be possible to swap it out for a version with heatsinks. Will circle back if I can find a mechanically compliant alternative that has heatsinks integrated.